The growth and openness of the energy sector will generate new demands in the market that must be covered by private companies or the State. Significant growth is expected in the country's energy sector. Among the main needs in Increased production of hydrocarbons and electricity:


- Expansion of logistics infrastructure (pipelines, terminals)

- Energy efficiency

- Construction and maintenance

- Specialized technologies and services

- Specialized services

- Human Resources

- Financing



The Mexican energy sector, A new horizon of opportunities:


Mexico, the world's 14th largest economy. It has abundant oil, Natural gas and renewable resources.


Opening of the hydrocarbons, gas and electricity markets

After the constitutional reform.


Electricity generation opens up the competition and creates a Wholesale electricity market.


Since 2000, natural gas demand has grown at a 5.6%,



The commercial electricity sector will grow at rates of 6% per year,

With investments of US $ 57 billion

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