Metalwork & Stamping Is a company fully dedicated to providing differentiated services and products of capital goods of manufacturing and stamping, that have been achieved through the specialization of our technical and administrative processes that allow our customers and our company to reach their profitability objectives, quality and service.



Metalwork & Stamping is considered the largest TIER 2 Mexican company in the Automotive Stamping processes, with Manual, Progressive and Blanking Transfer Stamping capabilities in presses ranging from 600 up to 2,000 Tons.



As a company focused on offering the maximum value to our customers, we have been developing a vertical integration of processes ranging from the purchase of the material, the enablement of the components, the processes of welding and assembly, painting and inventory management of Final products, as well as the delivery to customer plants through our own fleet of Trucks. (Upstream to Downstream)


Metalwork & Stamping has diversified its risk by successfully entering the energy, home appliances, furniture and equipment, mining, as well as construction industries.



Systematically, the company has developed anual strategy planning processes that have guided its development and growth, always focusing in differentiated products and proceses, orientated to generate agregated value for our clients.



Stamping Processes in more than 60 presses with capacities of more than 600 Tons and up to 2,000 tons. Maximum bed dimensions up to 108 "X 200" on presses from 1,000 tons up to 1,500 tons with Mattresses.  lanking and Progressive presses with maximum capacity of beds of 96 "X 144".



Manufacture of Capital Goods for the Industries of Energy, Steel, Mining Which require a special infrastructure, and qualified operators and welders to carry out the manufacture and assembly of these products.




We have paint spray, powder and e-coat lines:


Spray for surface finish up to 8m wide X 12m Height x 12m long



Powder with washing operation and pre-treatment with 6 stations and with working windows of 0.90 m X 1.50m X 2.74m with load capacities of 6,000 ft2 / hour


E-coat with pre-treatment wash and pretreatment with 8 stations and with working windows of 0.90 m X 1.50m X 2.74m with load capacities of 15,000 ft2 / hour.


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