Metalwork & Stamping was founded in November 2003



Its constant growth has always been based on Strategic Planning processes with a differentiated approach in vertically integrated processes, taking advantage of high-demanded market niches.



We have two plants located in strategic areas for the automotive market, each with different processes of stamping, manufacturing and painting. One is located in Saltillo, Coahuila and another in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.



Our revenue is mainly generated from the automotive industry by 75%, which is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing industries in Mexico.



Our goal is to diversify our revenue sources by 40%, we currently have reached more than half of that goal from markets such as tractor, energy, appliances, furniture and equipment, mining and construction.



Stamping Processes: 77 presses available with capacities from 600 tons up to 2,000 tons. Processes: Blanking, progressive and manual transfer.



In the Manufacturing area we have laser cutting and plasma, bending, rolling and machining processes, as well as manual welded assemblies and Robots cells processes, in MIG, TIG and Projection processes, in Coal, Stainless and Aluminum Steels.



We are currently installing at a 90% completition, new implementations for the Stamping and Painting processes, which will increase production capacity by 35%, strengthening the vertical integration of processes offered to ours and your customer.



1,200 Constant jobs, 250 fluctuating both direct and 4,500 indirect.



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